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what it is

Donate with Dignity is more than simply sending your old goods to people in need.

Truly supporting others is about empowerment and equality. Sharing items of quality and in a dignified way. Respecting people that are facing a difficult situation, struggling to provide for their own needs and livelihood. The aim is not just to help people survive, but to also to give them a sense hope and support in overcoming this crisis.

The goal of this project is to ship two full - 40ft sea containers to Lebanon between 12 April and 7 May.

donate with dignity

Group Fontys Pulsed students people during a brainstorm of a project in Embrace

why we do it

Lebanon has been strongly affected by several crises.

They are facing severe political instability and a collapsed economy. On top of that came the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a crumbling healthcare system, and in August last year the Beirut blast rendering 300.000 people homeless in one day. Many people are pushed into extreme poverty and vulnerability, the most vulnerable being hit the hardest.

who we are

Leading the donate with dignity are 6 students from the minor program embrace TEC created by Fontys | Pulsed in Eindhoven

Together with the Pulsed team we started the Lebanon challenge. On April 12th, all 80 Fontys Pulsed students will work together doing their utmost to collect as much of the necessarysupplies for Lebanon as possible. To make sure that the donations reach Lebanon properly, partnerships have been created with a number of non-profit organisations working in Lebanon.

Group Fontys Pulsed students people during a brainstorm of a project in Embrace

how you can help

There are three ways you can assist us in collecting enough donations.

donate your goods

We will be sending two - 40ft shipping containers to Lebanon. You can donate your things between 12th April and 7th May!

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sponsor us

Local companies, we need you!
We would love to involve as many local companies as possible.

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fund us

The aim is not just to help people survive, but too also give a sense of worth and dignity as a basic human right.

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non-profit organisations

Below you can find the organisations we are working with. In the end they will receive all of the donations we collect together and they will make sure they are distributed to the right people.

get in touch

Contact us if you'd like to help sponsor us, collaborate with us, or have any questions for us!

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