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A group of Embrace TEC minor students listening to Teun Toebes' presentation

For Dementia

About Us

Group Fontys Pulsed students people during a brainstorm of a project in Embrace

the start

In collaboration with Teun Toebes & other experts, 80 international students are committed to contributing to a better quality of life for people with dementia!

Society prefers to avoid the uncomfortable subject even despite the fact dementia is affecting one in five Dutch people.

Toebes has a vision for a more humane approach.

“Everyone will have to deal with it, you will get it yourself or someone close to you. We have to realize that it is about all of us."

"If we don't change, we'll be in the same situations later on."
- Teun


Why do the residents sleep in a hospital bed instead of their own? Why fake flowers? Why is there a need for a toy dog ​​on the windowsill while Tineke was not allowed to take her own dog? Why do the residents have a different toilet than the visitors and the nursing staff, as if there are two categories of people?

As a result, you are unnecessarily robbed of your dignity in the last phase of your life.

Teun Toebes en Jochem Goedhals beginnen een samenwerking over dementie

what we do

We started with the projects on the first of November. For 10 weeks different teams will work on concrete solutions for various topics. Each team is closely supervised by experts on one of the following subjects.

Destigmatization icon
How might we reduce the stigmatization of people with dementia?
Shaping identity icon
Shaping identity
How might we create a way for people with dementia to retain their identity?
Knowledge development icon
Knowledge development
How might we create a way that people with dementia can discover new practices?
Living Independently icon
Living independently
How might we create a way for people with dementia to live longer and more comfortably in their familiar environments?
Ownership icon
How might we ensure that various stakeholders include the self-directedness of people with dementia in their actions?
Cultural sensitivity icon
Cultural sensitivity
How might we ensure that various stakeholders take into account the specific cultural desires/habits of people with dementia at all times?
Branding and awareness icon
Branding and awareness
How might we create awareness, locally and globally, around the Pulsed for Dementia challenge?