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Teun Toebes presenting during the Pulsed for Dementia challenge at Fontys Pulsed

open call

With Pulsed for Good we celebrate the local and global Fontys Pulsed community for it’s incredible support and creative ideas. Everyone from around the world is invited to submit a challenge for our students that is important for you and your community.

Our students from the minor Embrace TEC will pick together one of the submitted challenges which speaks to them the most. They are going to execute that challenge in the spring of 2022!

submit your idea

Pulsed for good

what you can expect

During the Pulsed for Good challenge between 50 to 80 Embrace TEC minor students from a wide variety of disciplines and cultures will take up YOUR challenge.

They will dive into it for two days a week for a duration of 2 months (April and May 2022), they will collaborate as a team on clear goals and deliverables. And the challenge will leave a visible mark by delivering impactful solutions, such as an end-product or service build with relevant technologies.

Besides the solutions, your idea will be branded and communicated in different platforms to raise the recognition and the impact created. The brand will be created together with you, students and the in-house designers at Fontys Pulsed. Both online and offline communications will be created to boost the awareness of the solutions found and around the problem/issue that the challenge entails.

what our students did in the past

  • Donate with Dignity - In the spring of 2021 they sent two full 40ft containers of aid and support to 7 community based projects in Lebanon.
  • Immersive Experience - Towards the summer of 2021 they created an experience circuit that made educational professionals aware of their own attitudes, beliefs and stereotypes regarding inclusivity and/or diversity.
  • Pulsed for Dementia - In the fall of 2021 they improved the quality of life of people with dementia with working prototypes for 7 different topics: destigmatisation, shaping identity, knowledge development, living independently, ownership, cultural sensitivity and creating awareness.

Do you want to add your idea to this list? Submit your idea and let us create a challenge for the students!

The Pulsed for Dementia challenge at Fontys Pulsed

what we expect of you

In February the students will choose their favorite challenge out of all submissions. The chosen challenge will then be moved into the cockpit phase. Meaning a select group of about 10 students and Pulsers will further develop the challenge over the course of one month. The focus will be on:

  • Branding and awareness of this challenge. The two brands our students created previously: Donate with Dignity and Pulsed for Dementia.
  • Educational design, how will you collaborate in this challenge with around 50 to 80 students? Together we determine a rhythm, we set goals and we look for other interested stakeholders.

We expect that this process will require approximately 4 hours a week of effort from the person/team who submitted the winning entry. This time is spend during the preparation,  execution, and reflection of the challenge. Preferably on Wednesdays or Thursdays, from February until June 2022.

The Pulsed for Dementia challenge at Fontys Pulsed

challenge guidelines

A Pulsed for Good challenge:

  • is non-profit;
  • is real life and comes from an authentic need or urgent problem;
  • has a clear social and/or environmental purpose;
  • demands collaboration, transcending cultures and disciplines, outside of safe school walls.

submit your idea

Steffie during Pulsed for Good


Feel free to reach out directly to Steffie Ballemans on her email: steffie.ballemans@fontys.nl, if you have any questions or comments regarding Pulsed for Good.