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Cultural sensitivity

by Martin Grigorov, Daan van Soestbergen, Abobaker Wardak, Trang Vo,
Mitchell Verweerden, Alexander Petrov, Immanuel Laisina, Putri Ginabean Simanjuntak, Angelina Chakarova, Noel Immanuel Figo Adlin Abiyasa, Atanas Dimulski, Lugman Mah'ed
14 enthusiastic students from a wide variety of cultural and professional backgrounds are the ideal combination to tackle the subject of cultural sensitivity within Dementia Healthcare.

The urgency of this problem is rising because people with a migrant background have a higher chance to get dementia. With these fast-rising numbers, we have to make a change and make healthcare feel more at home for everybody. At this moment the care homes are mostly focused on people with a Dutch background in terms of things like food, religion, activities and many more. This not only makes people with a migrant background feel less at home but also less understood and confused, these problems are hard for healthy people but especially for people in any stage of dementia.

From our research and interaction with stakeholders, we could conclude that there is a lot of misinformation in the chain of the healthcare system. Healthcare workers cannot easily access the specific history of the patient.

We designed a special QR-code bracelet for patients to wear, which is linked to a personalised page containing knowledge on the roots of this human being, preferences and interests.

Our main goal is to make sure migrants feel a sense of belonging, home and feeling understood. To ensure this is possible we hand in a lot more information on every patient than basic intake forms to each caretaker. Translated in actions ensures a better and more tailormade healthcare system.

Then contact us!We need you especially if you are JavaScript developer. UX or UI designers are also needed if we really want to hand the product into the hands of caretakers!