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by Antoaneta Mircheva, Dimitar Ivanov, Robert Andreescu, Georgi Popov, Jeroen Beijer, Clement Carta, Meidou Hoeksma, Julian Lu, Christopher van Ysendyk, Corne Nooijen, Kalina Atanasova, Frank Henckens
Pulsed for Dementia brought together a team of 14 international students to focus on the humane challenge of destigmatization. Each one of us believes that society needs to change its perception of people with dementia. Wrong perceptions equal wrong decisions. Our vision of the future is based on shared responsibility, inclusivity and a positive outlook.  

We had an incredible opportunity to visit Grootenhout Elderly Estate. There we saw people who, contrary to the stigma, were incredibly happy, lively and knowledgeable. Our mission is to show the world that people affected by dementia can still have a variety of skills to share with society and a cheerful attitude for life. 

How are we going to challenge the perceptions of society? We decided to use a common media channel Tik-Tok to share short movies in which people with dementia present their skills and the process behind woodworking, making music, speaking different languages, gardening or other hobbies.

We created this Tik-tok account to reach a broader and younger audience. Youth is the future of our society.  Re-shaping their perception by sharing lovely moments is how we humanize the life of people with dementia. Nothing on our account is published without the permission of the people and family members. Are you interested to help us? We want to create quality TikTok videos. Videos about people with dementia doing awesome stuff.
Have you ever seen your neighbor with dementia building a treehouse? Nope?
Cooking super tasty cookies? Nope?
Making your laundry as fancy as Obama’s ceremony suit? Nope? NOW IS THE TIME!