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by Pepijn Sebregts, Rafael Aditama, Wenjia Gu, Ruxandra Ioana Antohe, Mike Wilbers, Yasemin Dzheylan, Mahmoud Abdrabou, Dimitraije Guteša, Hannes Trompetter, Michael Curlisa, Ezeh Lawrence
Reclaiming ownership is a vital step to improving the daily life of dementia sufferers. With the help of our carefully thought solutions, we aim to trigger greater awareness in society about this often-misunderstood illness.
Our team consists of self-directed individuals from all over the world all of whom have made it their mission to tackle this topic head-on. Our idea is to promote ownership by stimulating brain activity. We will do this by implementing our prototype initiative Dement@Work. For example, if a patient was previously a gardener then we will provide them with fruitful experience in a gardening company is would be a way for patients to reclaim ownership by choosing what interests them. Dement@Work is an initiative that is meant to connect activities/companies with people with dementia.

This, however, would be the ideal outcome and might be unattainable within a short time span. To put our idea into practice we have chosen one activity - building a simple birdhouse by following a manual.

Our goal is to create an environment where these special individuals take charge in how they spent their time, all in a reasonable manner. Moreover, our mission is to promote the self-directedness of people with dementia and we ensure that they have the opportunities to try on stuff they used to love.

We challenge you to take on our idea and develop it further!