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Care Package

by Ahmad Hanif Aulia, Jean Destine, Bram Hurkmans, Tobias Manse, Heidi Kup, Nerea Coloma Gomez, Giel van den Broek, Rick Versteeg, Stan Magermans, Christian Stoyanov, Lars Coumans, Radu Pavel
Pulsed for Dementia challenged us to approach the topic of living independently for people with dementia. We, as a team, want to see long-lasting change by finding the proper approach to re-make familiar environments for people with dementia also safe.

We want to ensure that the needed quality of life is supported by carrying daily activities independently. Researches have shown that one of the opportunities to slow down the progress of the disease is living at home for as long as possible. We want everyone to have the chance for being active at home. Our goal is clear. Providing people with dementia with the safest environment at home.

Are you wondering how we tackled this challenge and what is our solution? Our vision is represented by the product we are working on “care package”. We want all needs of people affected by dementia to be covered by the content of the package.

A crucial aspect of our product is the way we include family and friends. We have a variety of components that include two manuals, an activity-based smart agenda and explanation cards.    

First manual aims at helping people with dementia understand what is going to change with their condition, by emphasizing the activities they can still enjoy together with their communities.

The other manual is for the family to help them shape their life through knowledgeable and authentic perspective on the condition and also provides them with information about technological gadgets which might be useful as the disease progresses. It has vital information on centred care and support.

We think that it is needed to include a leaflet that shows other products that may be bought to help with specific stages, as well as specifying their price.
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