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Smart Agenda

by Ahmad Hanif Aulia, Jean Destine, Bram Hurkmans, Tobias Manse, Heidi Kup, Nerea Coloma Gomez, Giel van den Broek, Rick Versteeg, Stan Magermans, Christian Stoyanov, Lars Coumans, Radu Pavel
The art of living independently requires the execution of daily activities, therefore an agenda is a crucial part. -       The smart agenda is a video of a very special person as a reminder about the tasks and appointments.
To ensure that no one ever forgets their interests we prepared a daily question on those topics. -       You love stickers, right! We prepared some cool stickers and useful explanation cards to guide people with dementia through everyday actions.Are you as excited as we are and want to see how we implement the ideas? Maybe even want to adapt it? We would be glad if you connect with us! ->
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