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Physical activity

by Jizdan Mihai, Daan van Knippenberg, Martijn Varenhout, Rens Vereiken, Indy Peeten, Wouter Pennings, Julia Wang, Plamen Zaykov, Guido de Wit, Brian The, Matthijs Luiken
The first question for us: How to develop knowledge in people that tend to forget what they have newly learnt after some time?

All of us were challenged to find the most appropriate way to channel knowledge and keep people with dementia engaged. After some research, we focus on the early stage of the disease and we found out that three topics are most important: nutrition activity, brain activity and physical activity.

We divided ourselves into these topics and each group made a prototype of the best idea we had about it.

We were devastated to realize that most people with dementia in nursing homes don't move much and end up in a wheelchair because of lack of practice. After some research, we concluded that the top three favourite activities of people with dementia are walking, singing and gardening. We thought about which one would be the best to make something for and that was gardening.We are currently making a smart garden that helps people with dementia stay noticed if the plant needs water. The pots will be surrounded by green lights, if a plant feels thirsty the lights of that pot will change. If it takes too long before the plant gets any water a pump will give the plant water and the lights will change back to green. We decided to do this to prevent giving anyone a negative experience.
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