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Identity Lamp

by Alessandro Sandor, Patricia Boelens, Nararya Yogantara, Lian Shuang, Samuele Covolo, Lorenzo Deben, Enric Hidalgo, Jarno Vink, Alex Bruna, Jeroen van der Klip, Konstantin Tonev, Konstantin Mihaylov
As students, we are on the journey of creating our authenticity. Pulsed for Dementia challenged us to find a way to maintain dementia patients’ identity. At the core of our beliefs is the fact every human being is equal and we must take that into account when helping dementia patients. We want to give our target group an opportunity to feel challenged and to contribute. As with everything, keeping one engaged with activities will improve brain functions, and therefore even impede Dementia’s grasp depending on the sickness’ stage.

Our main goal is to provide those special humans with guidance into sustaining their own selves and staying in touch with it.

For us, identity is the collection of everything that makes you, “you”, such as your memories, interests, family, hobbies and the emotions associated with them. Through our ideas, we want to reach out to the past and induce a stimulating environment where participants can re-discover themselves and their old habits.

The main product is a lamp that projects shapes, that they have created, that inspire their imagination and music that helps them relax and switch off.  
I want to be awesome