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Fontys Pulsed Embrace student helping older man with a Virtual Reality experienceTwo Fontys Pulsed students brainstorming and using the Groow setTwo Fontys Pulsed students laughing while discussingHandycraft materials inclusing glue and pencils available during Fontys Pulsed minorFontys Pulsed Embrace alumni pitching his project enthusiasticallyFontys Pulsed student programming a prototype of a type of hardware with a tiger plushy on his headJochem Goedhals and his coworkers doing a stand upFontys Pulsed student with a bright shirt playing guitarFontys Pulsed student with a Virtual Reality setMultiple Fontys Pulsed students with a young man in focus who is filmingA Fontys Pulsed Embrace alumni laughing during an interviewTwo Fontys Pulsed Embrace students where one is wearing a Virtual Reality setFontys Pulsed student soldering hardware for his prototype Fontys Pulsed student enjoying a DJ session from a professional DJFontys Pulsed students listening attentively during an interview from an expertYoung girl punching a Pokémon themed boxing game prototype made during the Fontys Pulsed Embrace minorAn expert holding a book and reading a story out loud into a microphone during the Fontys Pulsed Embrace minorErik Frey explaining something to a bunch of Empower studentsTwo students in the Fontys Pulsed classroom chatting and having funA Fontys Pulsed student scratching his head in astonishment while listening to a conversationSome Fontys Pulsed students sitting in a circle waiting for a pitch to startSome Fontys Pulsed students discussing about a prototype at a Embrace minor eventJochem Goedhals and Peter Biekens listening to students pitching their projectsA Fontys Pulsed student standing tall while walking over a catwalk during a demoA Fontys Pulsed student showing how to play guitar to othersTwo Fontys Pulsed students concentrating hard while building their prototypeMultiple Fontys Pulsed students are  reading a course manual for the Embrace program Three people looking happy at a small robot during the minor demo dayA boy drawing a figure on a wooden panel during the minor demo dayA Fontys Pulsed student concentrating on his work on his laptopThree Fontys Pulsed students are in a discussion about a Pulsed projectA young boy looking thrilled while shooting his water-gun during the minor demo dayA Fontys Pulsed student showing a young boy his custom made water-gunA Fontys Pulsed student showing a young boy his custom made water-gunJochem Goedhals drawing on wooden floor panels during Embrace redesignAn older man is creating a prototype during a Fontys Pulsed eventMultiple Fontys Pulsed students are playing a non-alcoholic version of the beerpong gameA Fontys Pulsed student working with the Groow toolkit from Studio Tast to create her projectA Fontys Pulsed student laughing and covering her mouthA student chilling in the Fontys Pulsed living room
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Four Fontys Pulsed students proudly posing for a group-picture with their team
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Two Fontys Pulsed students concentrating hard while building their prototype

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Two Fontys Pulsed students are joyous while discussing their projects together at Embrace demo day
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