Laure Peeters giving a presentation about Embrace TEC from Fontys Pulsed.

our approach

At Pulsed, we believe that the world needs self-directed professionals who are result-driven, embrace technology and have the ability to work creatively with people from different disciplines and cultures. Therefore, we educate our students with design-based learning methods, encouraging them to explore their talents and get as much practical experience as possible to teach them to fail forward.

We believe that design-based learning is the answer to the question of becoming a self-directed professional.

design-based learning

Design-Based Learning, or DBL in short, is an approach that involves students in solving realistic (design) problems while reflecting on the learning process. It emphasises the designing of activities that resemble real-world environments in which students go through several iterations of creating, testing, and communicating.

As a result, Pulsed students become experts in problem-solving, empathising with real users, involving other stakeholders through processes, and constantly using the strength of prototyping and testing to improve the product.

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