Laure Peeters giving a presentation about Embrace TEC from Fontys Pulsed.


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The challenges of the 21st Century are far trickier than they were a few decades ago. To solve these 'wicked challenges', there's a need for Self-Directed Professionals who are result-driven, embrace technology and have the ability to work creatively with the people from different disciplines and cultures. Perhaps the most important thing is that they know how to navigate ambiguity in the world of constant change.

We believe that Design-Based Learning is the answer to the question of becoming a Self-Directed Professional.

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Design-Based Learning (DBL)

DBL is an approach that involves students in solving realistic (design) problems while reflecting on the learning process. It emphasizes on the planning and designing of activities that resemble authentic (technical) environments in which students make decisions in the design of cognitive thinking processes while going through several iterations in generating specifications, making predictions, experiencing and creating solutions, testing and communicating.

In each of our programs, there's a gradual change from learning aimed at control to students working iteratively in a self-managing way.

Fontys Pulsed Embrace alumni listening intently

not a minor
a major leap

Embrace TEC (technology + entrepreneurship + creativity)

A hot international program that blends cultures, disciplines and experiences. We are enrolling now.

Embrace TEC
Fontys Pulsed Embrace alumni pitching his project

change the
course of life

Empower TEC (full-time 30 ECTS)

A one-of-its kind educational program designed for students who have dropped out of their major and are figuring out what’s the next step.

Empower TEC
Fontys Pulsed Embrace alumni building a prototype using Lego Mindstorm

ready to design
the future

Master DTE - Coming Soon

Digital Technology Engineering - Our brand new international Masters. A full-time one-year program that tackles the challenges posed by digital transformation.

masters DTI

EMBRACE/EMPOWER programs, can now also be followed fully online for 30 ECTS.