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Jochem Goedhals

educational designer & teamlead

A founding partner, Jochem strongly believes that schools should be anything but boring, that’s why he set out on a mission to totally re-design the learning experience. A fast multitasker, his energy is contagious and very hard to miss. When not designing workshops or iterating curriculums, he uses his degree in engineering to build stuff, like a very own family-caravan to escape into free nature.

Mathijs van Gageldonk

product & service designer

coming soon

Jochem Goedhals

educational designer & teamlead

A founding partner, Jochem strongly believes that schools should be anything but boring, that’s why he set out on a mission to totally re-design the learning experience. A fast multitasker, his energy is contagious and very hard to miss. When not designing workshops or iterating curriculums, he uses his degree in engineering to build stuff, like a very own family-caravan to escape into free nature.

Peter Biekens

educational designer &
program lead - master dte

A specialist in creative problem solving skills, called Brainnovation, Peter instinctively knows what’s needed in the design process. When not building Pulsed, he loves exploring the beautiful hills of Nijmegen on his mountain bike, of course with some good music for company.

Erik Frey

educational designer &
program lead - empower

Calm on the outside, a full speed idea factory inside, Erik possess a 24hr creative mentality. He truly believes in empowering his students by helping them uncover the true talents hidden in their authenticity.

Lorna Minkman

philosopher, personal and professional identity expert & coach

A seasoned coach with expertise in personal and professional identity, Lorna’s focus lies on talent development and personal growth. A philosopher, passionate reader, writer of children’s books and a happy granny with flair for knitting, She strongly believes that every human is unique and is capable of transferring this uniqueness for a better world.

Elkie Blokhuis-Oerlemans

personal and professional identity expert & coach

As a personal identity and development coach, Elkie loves to see her students get to know themselves better and achieve things they thought they couldn’t. Her own coaches described her as a calm, structured person with great sense of humour. In her free time she enjoys going on walks with her family, reading books and kicking arse in tennis.

Davey Smulders

art director & graphic designer

A Graduate in Digital publications and Multi-media graphic design, Davey’s interest lie at the intersection of advertising, print publications and product design. As a kid his passion for drawing fuelled him to explore the myriad possibilities in graphics. Now, more a native of creative cloud, he can still sometimes be seen with a pencil sketching new tattoo designs to expand his collection of self-designed ink. When not behind a screen, he’s always up for some Urbex (Urban exploring) across the border or going out with friends to discover new and interesting beers.

Scott Ruigrok

ux/ui designer & developer

Scott finished a bachelor in ICT, works on all ICT projects that support Pulsed, but still doesn’t like it when he is called ‘the IT guy’. He is working hard to change the stereotype that it brings. With his interest in design and passion for interaction and user experience he is on the right track. When not working on projects he can be found cooking it up in the kitchen, going out for a hike or a bike ride, playing basketball or rugby, doing yoga or going to the park to read a nice book.

Steffie Ballemans

design-based working expert

A driven educational designer with solid degrees in fine art, design and education, Steffi blends art and technology effortlessly. When not encouraging her students to push the boundaries, she loves exploring Europe with nothing more than her motorbike and a tent. Fun Fact: Not a day goes by when she doesn’t wear a brooch from her crazy collection.

Sandra Bedaf

practice-based research expert

An enthusiastic researcher with a passion for human robot interaction, Sandra has a background in Industrial Design Engineering and a PhD in care robotics. Outside of Pulsed you’re likely to find her at a local theatre; in the audience as well as on stage with “de bend van Oz”. Dancing and singing make her extremely happy.

Bart Roosenboom

learning outcomes expert

An analytical and creative educational designer who loves to solve the puzzle of what education should lead to and how to effectively measure whether it was achieved. Bart has served as assessment advisor for many programs within and outside of Fontys. In his free-time he likes to play to musical improvisation theatre.

Jeroen Keijzers

business & innovation expert

Being a driven and analytical innovation management & business expert, Jeroen has his roots in the intersection of industrial engineering and industrial design. As passionate as it gets, whether it comes to coaching students, practice-based research or challenging multi-stakeholder projects, Jeroen gets it done. When it’s time to put his mind to rest, he is always fond of playing board games, taking care of his ever-growing collection of plants or seeking the thrill in rollercoaster rides.

Zeynep Gürsel

art director & graphic designer

Zeynep finds inspiration in society and its ways of communication. With her roots in Graphic Design, she wrote her masters dissertation on social media usage and addiction. She was born and raised in the transition era that had the last chance to taste the ‘romantic’ and non-digital ways of communication without the internet. Amazed by the duality of existence in both worlds, she strives to make her work both physical and digital. Before 2007 you didn’t know her, today you can find her @zepzey. Aside from designing, she loves sharing Turkish sayings and a furious game of ping-pong.

Jasper Eikmeier

maker & prototype expert

How do  things around us even work? And how would I be able to create them myself? Questions like these is what keeps Jasper up at night. Enthusiastic designer, maker, and educator, he is always ready to explore new technologies, production techniques and creative designs. Learning-by-doing is an absolute must in Jasper's workshops and lectures! When Jasper is not trying out new techniques and constructions, he’s likely to be out traveling, eating interesting dishes or visiting scrapyards to expand his collection of materials.

Ellen Koop

(re)boost coach

As a work psychologist, Ellen is passionate about guiding and facilitating personal and professional development. She works in various settings as an educational designer, researcher and coach. She loves discovering people’s talent and exploring with them how they can use it in a meaningful way. During this process, she stimulates people to look beyond the boundaries of their own expertise and organisation. In the off-hours, she is always up for a peaceful walk in the forest, an exciting escaperoom or a beautiful theater show.

Stella Lo Giudice

program lead - embrace & digital technology expert

Innovation and technology enthusiast, driven Biomedical Engineer, Stella has a strong passion for wearable devices, smart algorithms and data analysis. Her goal is to make innovation accessible to students and let them experience the potential of the techn-world we live in. When she is not nerding around, you can most likely find her at the gym lifting weights, or in the kitchen unleashing her Italianness.

Gert van der Stelt

personal and professional identity expert & coach

Having worked as an English teacher, personal coach, surfing instructor, educational designer and publisher, Gert has been active in different fields that all come together at Pulsed. His strengths lie in having genuine interest in every person he speaks to, creating safe spaces to develop in, and sharing the enthusiasm he naturally has. Often times you can find him outside where he surfs, bikes, climbs or peacefully lays in the grass, dreaming away.

Linn Kennes

organization expert & teamcoach

Why do we do the things we do and how can we improve them? As a team and organization coach Linn is all about optimizing processes, improving the way of working and setting up clear, lean and mean structures. Her knowledge and background in communication makes for a solid base so she can get everyone aligned and on the same page. When Linn is not structuring others she’s working on projects in and around her own house, plowing around the garden and going on crazy adventures with her little kid.

Jop van Laanen

maker & prototype expert

A real hard-to-the-core technical guy, always busy creating new tools and improving everything he gets his hands on. Meet Jop, the critical but sometimes stubborn, soon-to-be graduated electrical engineer with a special talent of consistently finding the right solution to the problems related to his hardware-based mindset. With a background in industrial automation and product design, Jop now builds anything from prototypes to full-on toolkits and constructions to better the environment and technical knowledge of the students. When he finally puts down the tools, you’re likely to spot him on his outside walk, either with or without the scouting kids he guides, or in the local bar having a blast with his friends.

Romy de Kruijf

event organiser & coach

A fascination for humans, a passion for providing support, driven by creativity and solution-based thinking. That is what makes Romy the solid coach she is. Combined with her understanding of concepting, personal branding and leadership, Romy is not afraid to step in the role of event- and or floormanager. When not preparing her coaching sessions she is either getting her hands dirty while preparing some lovely dishes or fixing up old cars.

Jeffrey Kauffeld

graphic designer & photographer

The face behind the lens, the guy that puts a thousand words in an image. Jeffrey is your guy for high quality photography as well as graphic design and for being the positive energy in the room. Always on time due to his large collections of premium watches which also fuels his passion for product photography. Aside from being a creative mind he puts his energy into his favorite videogames and playing airsoft with friends.

Susanne van den Wildenberg

educational designer &
program lead - empower vo/mbo

coming soon

25 november
pulsed for dementia
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Teun Toebes en Jochem Goedhals beginnen een samenwerking over dementie

Pulsed for Dementia

About Us


Kom jij de eerste resultaten bekijken en naar Teun Toebes zijn verhaal luisteren?

Ieder showmoment duurt 2 uur en is als volgt opgebouwd:
45 minuten keynote Teun Toebes
75 minuten interactieve expositie van de projectresultaten

Bij Fontys | Pulsed, Rachelsmolen 1, Gebouw R10, Eindhoven

Op Donderdag 25 November

Group Fontys Pulsed students people during a brainstorm of a project in Embrace

de start

In samenwerking met Teun Toebes & andere experts zetten 80 internationale studenten zich in om bij te dragen aan een betere levenskwaliteiten van mensen!

Hoewel de meeste mensen het onderwerp liever mijden, is dementie volksziekte nummer één en treft het een op de vijf Nederlanders. ‘Iedereen krijgt ermee te maken, je krijgt het zelf of een naaste. We moeten beseffen dat het over ons allemaal gaat. Als we niet veranderen, zitten we er later zelf ook zo bij.’

Op veel vlakken kan het nog wat menselijker, vindt Toebes.


‘Waarom slapen de bewoners in een ziekenhuisbed in plaats van hun eigen bed? Waarom nep bloemen? Waarom staat er een speelgoedhond in de vensterbank terwijl Tineke haar hond niet mee mocht nemen? Waarom hebben de bewoners een andere wc dan het bezoek en verplegend personeel, alsof er twee categorieën mensen zijn? Daardoor word je in de laatste fase van je leven onnodig van je waardigheid beroofd.’

A group of Embrace TEC minor students listening to Teun Toebes' presentation

wat we doen

Op 1 november zijn de studenten gestart met hun projecten. Er zal 10 weken lang worden gewerkt aan concrete oplossingen voor verschillende thematieken.

  • Destigmatization: How might we reduce stigmatization of people with dementia?
  • Shaping identity: How might we create a way for people with dementia to retain their identity? 
  • Knowledge development: How might we create a way that people with dementia can discover new practices?
  • Living independently: How might we create a way for people with dementia to live longer and more comfortably in their familiar environments?
  • Ownership/self-directedness: How might we ensure that various stakeholders include the self-directedness of people with dementia into their actions?
  • Cultural sensitivity: How might we ensure that various stakeholders take into account the specific cultural desires/habits of people with dementia at all times?
  • Branding and awareness: How might we create awareness, locally and globally, around the Pulsed for Dementia challenge? 
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