Amber + Pulsed


Amber and Pulsed join forces together to investigate the motives of Amber users.

Amber + Pulsed

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Cars are idle for about 95% of the time. In traffic jam, in parking garages or at home in the driveway. Amber - believes that there’s a better and more sustainable way to get from point A to B. They call it ‘Freedom beyond Car Ownership’. That’s why they have developed a car sharing platform with 100% sustainable cars. So that their drivers have the freedom to drive where and when they want. The convenience of your own electric car, without the costs of owning it. And all this with a click of the Amber App that can be used to reserve, start, park and charge their Amber with it. 

But what really motivates people to make use of the services of Amber?
Are people ready to switch from owning to subscription based sharing?
How can Amber use these insights to attract more active drivers in the future?

Pulsed and Amber have come together to investigate the motives of the Amber drivers using a Design Based Working (DBW) approach. This DBW approach is based on the principles of Design Thinking in which human-centred techniques are used to solve problems in a creative and innovative way. By empathising with the users of Amber and through multiple iterations new insights will be gathered leading to opportunities to attract more active drivers in the near future. Within Pulsed a multi-disciplinary team of researchers, experts and designers work together. But we’re not alone, co-creation is an important aspect in this joined collaboration between Pulsed and Amber. We hope to update you with our outcomes and learnings from this exciting challenge soon! 

Our 'broadstrokes' archplan for the project

Here with more detail and thoughts we have.


Sandra Bedaf