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Embrace student Yusuf Dogan talking about his purpose

Yusuf Dogan

Study: Industrial Engineering Home country: Turkey




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Yusuf Dogan

Yusuf Dogan

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“I had always walked a path that was laid for me by society, my parents, my friends. The affinity with tech and engineering was one of the reasons why I chose industrial engineering. But some how I had forgotten to pursue my real dream"

My Pulsed experience

Sometimes I have the feeling that I just hopped on the Pulsed train way too late. But then again it’s never too late in life to follow your heart. Pulsed is like a renewed school system, I would say it’s just the place to discover - who you are and what you want to do with you career.

For me a day at Pulsed was like, putting your slofs on, making some hot tea and then chatting a bit with your fellow students before joining a lecture that is planned for that day. Having the freedom to just sink yourself on a beanbag with a cup of tea and attend a lecture without your teacher giving you typical looks as they do in a regular classroom is one of a kind experience.

The atmosphere is without a doubt the greatest thing about Pulsed, and believe it or not, you enjoy paying attention to what is going on and what the mentors talk about. There is so much to discover and such great people to learn from that you don’t want to miss out.

My defining moment at Pulsed

It all happened during my presentation for entrepreneurship and business track. I was pitching an idea to my track owner Jochem and my group. I had figured up everything, the idea, the finances, the build-up was great. But during the feedback moment Jochem confronted me and said that “it's like you are just doing it because it's a task, but you are not really passionate about the idea”. He kept asking me about my real passion and after all the readymade answers and sparring, I realised that I’ve been suppressing a lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. I had chosen engineering to come closer to that dream, but somehow along the way I had given it up to make a safer, more logical career choice.

That presentation was the real turning point during the minor, and since then I’ve been researching and investigating on how to really build-up my career as a Pilot in the future. After I finish my degree, I am going to enrol at the KLM Academy to pursue my passion.

My advice to future prospects

My advice for future Pulsers would be, just empty your mind when you step into Pulsed. You’re basically allowed to spent more than 800 hours (one semester) to gain real experience and discover what truly matters for you. No one in the whole minor will judge you for what you say, they will rather cheer your ideas. If you’ve the slightest doubt about, if you’ve made the right choice for a major, sign in.


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