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Ainhoa Ruiz Delgado

Ainhoa Ruiz Delgado

Hey! I am Ainhoa and I am an Erasmus student from Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. I study Industrial Engineering and came to Eindhoven to do EmbraceTEC for 6 months.

what track did you choose and why?

Even though it wasn’t my first idea, I ended up choosing Personal Purpose and I am glad I did. As a creative person I consider myself, it gives you a lot of freedom in order to bring your ideas to live.

can you explain what a track ambassador is? and why were you chosen?

So… a track ambassador I think is in a way the face of the track itself, like “the voice of the experience”. Thanks to the ambassador people of the upcoming years can figure out what is done in each track and also see in which one they fit best. I think I was chosen because I am creative and talkative.

on what kind of project have you worked on in the minor?

Well, my personal purpose project are some video tutorials posted on Instagram (spam:@earrings.by.you) in order to show people how they can create cool earrings by reusing materials: bottle caps, old clothes…I think it encourages people to be creative while being eco-friendly. I have really enjoyed the full process of ideating, recording and video editing. Moreover, those videos will be online forever so I feel my project won’t die once the minor is over and that it can still be impactful for everyone any time.

did you ever fail or felt like failing during this project?

I wouldn’t exactly say that I failed, because I don’t see that way, but, yes, there was a little problem through the way. I had in mind creating workshops for people from the minor, I waited until the last week before Christmas and Covid suddenly said: hi, I am back! Then, I reflected about what to do and the idea of the videos came to my mind. And now I feel more fulfilled.

can you summarise your proces with a meme?

what did you enjoy the most during your track?

I don’t think that is a specific moment but an overall feeling of belonging, the project is your little kid and you don’t mind spending more hours than supposed because you are working on what you really like.


Ainhoa Ruiz Delgado

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