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Chris van Ysendyk

Chris van Ysendyk

My name is Chris, I’m 22 and I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. I used to be a pro-gamer and streamer and now I make videos on what I do with NFT’s and investing. I love working on small projects and creating start-up ideas and try to build them into businesses.

what track did you choose and why?

I chose the business track as I really wanted to be able to take one of my concepts seriously and be given time to fully work through the steps and learn how to create a project. I also wanted to expend my entrepreneurial network, and it seemed like the PULSED business track provided all of this plus a very practical approach to starting an idea.

can you explain what a track ambassador is? and why were you chosen?

I think a track ambassador helps provide insights on the track for new students. And I would guess I was chosen because my idea and concept is very unique, and I am fully devoted to working on this and within this space during off days, weekends and class time. So I think they chose people who really took the opportunity PULSED provided to best represent the experience to new students.

on what kind of project have you worked on in the minor?

I came up with the concept of making vacation rentals cheaper. I made that possible by combining construction and real-estate with fractionalized NFT ownership. The concept involved me building a vacation home in Cape Town, and selling NFT access tokens that grant customers 1 week of access to the house per year, for an access period of 5 years. After the access period, I would sell the home and split a portion of the revenue with the NFT holders at the time. This would enable you to invest in property at a much lower entry cost, whilst utilizing the property as a much cheaper vacation rental compared to market prices.

did you ever fail or felt like failing during this project?

Yes! I changed my concept a few times, and had massive difficulties explaining the full scope of the idea due to complicated buzz words such as block chain and NFT’s. These failures resulted in feedback which just helped me simplify and better my pitch + how I marketed my pitch. My approach was to just ‘send it’, receive feed back, and make it better.

can you summarise your proces with a meme?

what did you enjoy the most during your track?

I really enjoyed the coaches, they knew what they were talking about and had practical experience they could share with us, as well as a deep network of successful entrepreneurs.


Chris van Ysendyk

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