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Clément Carta

Clément Carta

Hey ho! Clément, 25yo, French guy. Nice to meet you. I'm currently a physiotherapy student. Let's go.

what track did you choose and why?

The personal purpose track was my choice for this minor. I had the strong desire to dedicate myself into music production for 5month. I therefore thought the personal purpose track would be ideal to bring me time and inspiration for it.

can you explain what a track ambassador is? and why were you chosen?

I think a track ambassador is a student who went «all-in» mode throughout the minor. With all his/her heart. They are therefore able to talk about the minor with experience and consideration. I think I was chosen because I went all-fucking-in. Sorry. But I put all my heart and energy during the time I was given. Looking back, I've thrived quited a lot there.

on what kind of project have you worked on in the minor?

As told before, during the track I worked on getting better at music production. I wanted to created one single song, called Sunday Fragments. It was a very personal project, only involving myself. The impact on others is still to be determined. However, I aimed at making a music resembling who I am. I hope it delivers a chill, dedicated-for-introspection vibe. On a personal level, I figured making music is the only thing I think I could do for the rest of my life. I had to create time for it.

did you ever fail or felt like failing during this project?

I think I've had the feeling of failing about all the time. That's the job. You suck until you're good. Now that the song is done, it has still the potential to be perfected. But my approach is to go forward instead of staying stuck on the same idea.

can you summarise your proces with a meme?

what did you enjoy the most during your track?

One thing I want to highlight is the constant freedom I was given to make any crazy idea flourish.


Clément Carta

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