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Martijn Varenhout

Martijn Varenhout

Helloo! My name is Martijn. I live in the best city of the Netherlands called Boxmeer which is also located in the best province as well; Noord-Brabant. I am a Communication and Multimedia design (CMD) student from the Avans Hogeschool in Den Bosch. A lot of people don’t really know what the CMD study is about and that is because it is nearly impossible to explain it properly. You learn a lot about concepting, designing and they introduce you to programming as well. Programming and web development is where my passion lies and the nice thing about CMD is that they give you the opportunity and the space to focus on what you like most. This is also the biggest reason that I went to Pulsed, because they really value your own growth.

what track did you choose and why?

I started the minor being 99% sure about picking the personal purpose track. After reading the challenges of the company adventure track, there was one challenge that was perfectly in line with what I wanted to get better at; Website development.

can you explain what a track ambassador is? and why were you chosen?

A track ambassador in my mind, is somebody that has just a little bit more motivation then the others and really feels like he or she is in the right place. Doing a bit more work to make sure something is truly helpful or useful doesn’t matter as long as it is worth it. I am somebody that really wants to do everything as good as possible. I am always on time, have my stuff done when it needs to be done and I always try, when possible, to do a bit extra as well. I really liked working on my Company Adventure project and I hope that that showed and also is the reason that they chose me. Pulsed being desperate is my second guess.

on what kind of project have you worked on in the minor?

During this track I have been working on the project from FreeSenseSolutions. They wanted a new website, because they have a website right now that contains outdated information and also really needs an upgrade in terms of design. What also doesn’t help is that the website is being hacked on a monthly bases. So that needs some attention as well.

My web development skills prior to this challenge were mainly the actual building of a website. Designing is something that I’ve never spent a big amount of time on. I did learn a lot about the designing process during the track.I now know where and how you have to look for inspiration, how you should implement colors and use the correct shades, how to gather meaningful feedback and what questions you should ask. If you combine this with my ability to be almost never satisfied on what I make and therefore generation so many iterations that Fares (Our contact from the company) begged me to start on the actual building and coding, then I think that we succeeded in making a website that will be useful and also look a bit better that what they have now.

did you ever fail or felt like failing during this project?

I did feel like I was failing a few times. It is really difficult for me to be happy with the things that I make and there were a few times that I felt like the design just wasn’t going to work. That is where asking for feedback really helped. Stella, Sandra and Scott from Pulsed, Fares, my brother and Lift 3 (The web development company that I work at since a few months) had some nice suggestions and also some encouraging words that gave me the motivation that I needed to make it work. We had to do the challenge in duo’s and therefore teamwork is also really important. The communication could have been better some of the time. I never struggled with making the “working together” part “work”. Stella, Sandra and Fares came with some good suggestions and helped me to get the best out of our two man strong team. I still feel like this was a little fail, but it also is something that you cannot fully control.

can you summarise your proces with a meme?

what did you enjoy the most during your track?

I enjoyed the coffee on the main floor, I did NOT like the coffee making skills of the Pulsed students and that is why I was prepared to pay 1,80 per cup of coffee. On a more serious note; I enjoyed the way how we can actually contribute in a helpful way to a company and develop ourselves in a meaningful and professional way.


Martijn Varenhout

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