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Aleksandar Lazarov

Personal Purpose Track

week 1 - profile

Hi, I’m Aleksandar Lazarov, from Bulgaria, a country located in South East Europe on the Black Sea, between Romania and Turkey. I come from a very large city called Varna, located on the shore of the Black Sea. During the Summer it is a very popular tourist destination and thus – very busy. However, in Winter is it very quiet and peaceful. We also have a very large, beautiful and peaceful park where you can go for long and relaxing walks. My neighbourhood is located not that far from this park and is also close to the beach 

I actually first heard about Fontys through a retiring teacher, that came to my high school to speak about Fontys and the Netherlands. And now I’m studying Mechatronics over there :)

Originally, I actually wanted to do my minor back home. There I could relax from the whole Corona situation with the good weather, the nice people and the relaxed rules. However, that didn’t go as planned. Later on I heard about the minor program Embrace TEC through word-of-mouth. Two fellow classmates who did the minor program recommended it and then I saw it online. I made this choice because of the amazing opportunity to learn about other disciplines as well as the focus on personal development.

Then in the minor I chose to follow the Personal Purpose track for my own development, as it was the best way to work on myself and my dreams without any limits or restraints. I've already dreamed of making a robot that can walk but didn’t know what to add to it to make interesting, nor did I have the time before that to work in it. This was the best way for me to both work on the project and make it more interesting with the help of others. 

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week 2 - expectations

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week 3 - project

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