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Carolina Middel Soria

Company Adventure Track

week 1 - profile

¡Hola a todos! I’m Carolina Middel Soria (and yes, I have two last names). I come from a coastal town called Blanes on the Costa Brava, Spain. It is a really warm place with lots of beautiful places to visit and only a 40 min drive away from Barcelona. It is also next to Lloret de Mar, the famous city everyone comes to, to have parties in the summer.

In Barcelona I study my major of Computer Engineering in UPC. Right now I’m doing an Erasmus exchange here in Eindhoven. For my exchange semester I had a wide range of countries to choose from. Eventually I chose the Netherlands because as you might have noticed, if you didn’t, I am telling you now, my first last name is actually Dutch. It comes from my father’s side, his whole family lives here. Even though I cannot speak Dutch yet, I do want to to learn it while I am here.

To say the truth, before coming to the Netherlands I felt quite lost. I am finishing my bachelor, but I don’t what I want next or even what I like doing right now. Then while reading what programs the Netherlands offered I felt captivated by the description of Embrace TEC. I just couldn’t imagine a minor in which I fit as I do here now. Here I have discovered myself, people listen to me, pay attention to me and I can actually contribute to something meaningful (not just study and pass exams).

During the detox weeks of the minor I grew personally and found a balance I really like. What was missing was which path I wanted to take in my career. This eventually led me to pick the Company Adventure Track, together with my bro Jonathan. We are now doing an internship and working on a cool project for DHL.

Let’s see how it goes, you are welcome to take this adventure with us. We will be updating it every week!

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week 2 - expectations

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week 3 - project

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