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Company Adventure Track

week 1 - profile

Halo semua! Meaning “Hi everyone!” in Indonesian. I’m Jonathan Christopher Jayakusuma, but Jochris is fine. I’m from Tangerang, Indonesia, a growing district just outside the capital city Jakarta. It is quite a big, bustling and continuously developing city and it is the home of lots of new Indonesian start-ups, shopping malls and cool residential areas. I’m currently studying ICT & Business at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, in Eindhoven.

Choosing to go to Fontys felt natural to me because it had the major that I wanted to do, ICT & Business and it is situated in Eindhoven which for me is like the Silicon Valley of Europe. Then when I had to choose which minor program I wanted to follow, I chose for Embrace TEC. I made this choice because I heard so many good things from friends about this minor and what you can learn here. Also the feeling that the Pulsed living room has is a big plus for me.

By choosing this minor I want to unleash my potential and that’s why I chose to follow the Company Adventure Track. This track offers the experience of how it is like to be a professional and to work in and with companies. They offer a wide range of companies in different industries that you can choose from. Together with my sis Carolina, I ended up working with the world’s largest logistics company, DHL. One thing that is also cool is that for someone coming from ICT & Business I now have. through this minor the opportunity to work in the logistic industry. How cool is that?!

Come take this adventure with us and follow our journey!

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week 2 - expectations

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week 3 - project

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