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Justice Dreischor

Business & Entrepreneurship Track

week 1 - profile

Hi, I’m Justice Dreischor, from Aruba, a beautiful island located in the Caribbean and it is known for its beaches, hotels, and tourism. Most people that visit Aruba are from the US, the NL or other surroundings islands. Of course from all other corners of the world people come as well this beautiful place.

I grew up in a quiet neighbourhood called Tanki Leendert and I have to say that I am very grateful for I growing up over there because it felt like one huge playground. Me and the other kids from the neighbourhood used to spend all day climbing trees, flying kites … even blowing stuff up and a lot more. Still, there were rules that I had to follow like in all households.

Currently I am studying Software Engineering at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. I am doing this study because ever since I was a kid I have experimenting with computers and helping other people with their systems. Later on during IT internships I fully realised that I wanted to challenge myself and go more in depth with all available technologies.

In the last moments before the minor had to be chosen I was still looking at different minors in Venlo, but most of them were closed and full. Then I remembered I got an email from Fontys Pulsed saying that they are offering a flagship minor in Eindhoven that consists of creativity, entrepreneurship and technology. Remembering that immediately got my attention again because I was looking for something to explore if entrepreneurship is something for me. Also still having the possibility of exploring different technologies was just the cherry on top. So, that is why I have chosen the Embrace TEC as my minor and later on the Business & Entrepreneurship track

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week 2 - expectations

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week 3 - project

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