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Samuel Addokwei

Business & Entrepreneurship Track

week 1 - profile

Hi, I’m Samuel Addokwei, a 23 years old exchange student born and raised in the southeast of Germany, somewhere between Munich and Nuremberg, close to the Czech border. Growing up in the cosy village of Walderbach, Bavaria I would always stand out. Not only because I was one of the few non-white kids in a town of only 2,000 people, but also because I was raised in a non-denominational Christian home within an otherwise strictly catholic environment. And well, what should I say? I have always been pretty loud, very active and often clumsy. Doing track and field as a child helped me put those high energy levels to good use.

From early on in life and later on when working I was fascinated with technology & science. And that is why I started my B.Eng. in Engineering Physics at Deggendorf Institute of Technology. Moving to this (still small) Bavarian city, with less than 40,000 residents and about 6,000 students, was a big step for a country boy like me. In the beginning, it was scary. I was insecure and unsure if I had what it takes to do this bachelor. Still, I was eager to learn and even more eager to make it, so I spend my semester breaks working and spend many of my nights studying in my 16 square meter apartment - except when it was time for sports :)

How I ended up at the minor Embrace TEC is quite a long story. First, I wanted to gather practical working experience by doing an internship abroad and was accepted by the R&D department of ASMPT in Hongkong. Due to the political situation over there at the beginning of 2020, we changed the location to the Singapore facilities. I terminated my accommodation and prepared to go, not knowing that my visa would be cancelled last minute. In the following months, I made multiple attempts to travel oversee. All applications were rejected eventually. Because of this I almost gave up on going abroad as a freelancer when I made a last ditch effort by asking our international office to try it via Erasmus. Being way too late for applications, the Minor Embrace TEC at Fontys Pulsed was the only program available for late sign ups. How lucky for me!

I was excited about going to Eindhoven, especially when I learned that TEC in Embrace TEC stands for Technology, Entrepreneurship and Creativity. My excitement increased even more when I heard about the available tracks. Especially when I heard about the Business and Entrepreneurship track because for sometime now I already knew that I wanted to eventually try and build my own company. For that I even applied for a scholarship that focuses on start-ups and business connections. Even though I was rejected, now I feel like I have a second chance to get into that!

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week 2 - expectations

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week 3 - project

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