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Stan Stelten

Personal Purpose Track

week 1 - profile

Hi, I’m Stan Stelten, from Sittard, The Netherlands. And because I am from the south of the country, the province of Limburg I am also fluent in the local Dutch dialect Limburgs. Even though I speak this at home I use Dutch and English a lot more when I’m in Eindhoven or speak to international people. In Limburg I grew up in an ordinary city neighbourhood with a lots of families and kids my age to play with. Of course, being in the Netherlands there were football fields nearby.

With Fontys being sort of the closest, but for sure best college in the area I chose to go here. Because of my interests I started following the bachelor of Electrical Engineering.

Choosing a minor wasn’t made very hard for me either. Through my fellow students as well as through some of my engineering teachers I heard about the minor program Embrace TEC. They all had the advice to join this minor, hearing it from so many people I ended up joining. Within the Embrace TEC minor I chose to go for the Personal Purpose track because this track has a clear starting- and endpoint. This is something that is very important for me as I am generally not the person that has to set endpoints for projects.

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week 2 - expectations

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week 3 - project

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