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Janne van Hees

Janne van Hees

Hello hello, I am Janne, a 22-year-old Communication-Advertising student at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. I'm from the charming town of Uden, a village 30 minutes away from Eindhoven. I graduated as a graphic designer from the Sint Lucas and within my study, I focus on creative communication.

what track did you choose and why?

Prior to Fontys Pulsed, I was looking for a minor where I had the freedom to rediscover myself and my passions. After my internship, I felt very insecure and did not believe that a creative profession was still suitable for me. I wanted to do a minor that would inspire and challenge me to get to know myself and my passions. Following this need, I ended up at Fontys Pulsed thanks to a tip from a classmate.

can you explain what a track ambassador is? and why were you chosen?

I believe that a track ambassador is the " exemplary face " of the track. The ambassador's experience speaks to what a track can do for students. An ambassador is there to inspire and motivate other students to get the best out of themselves through the track.

on what kind of project have you worked on in the minor?

During my personal purpose track, I was mainly busy with personal development and sharing my personal story. Because I was very involved in the challenges that existed alongside the track, I did not always give priority to my personal purpose project. Nevertheless, this project was of great importance to me personally, to give events in my life a place and to use my story to inspire others.

Therefore, I do not have a clear picture of my personal purpose, because it is not a 'finished project'. But during my time at Pulsed, I did discover my personal purpose: to inspire and activate by combining design and storytelling.

I did this during several challenges within Pulsed, such as Uurtje Buurtje and Pulsed for Dementia. During these challenges, I used my talents to share a story and get a message across.

did you ever fail or felt like failing during this project?

A lack of confidence and insecurities have always been my big demons during my process. They have often held me back during the development of my personal purpose, even now. It was not always easy, but I always asked for help and guidance as much as I could. This has helped me tremendously. My personal purpose is certainly not a finished project, but I have grown as a person thanks to the process.

can you summarise your proces with a meme?

what did you enjoy the most during your track?

Ikigai, discovering myself, my demons, my passions and my talents.


Janne van Hees

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