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Pulsed students are the next generation self-directed professionals, trained as engineers. To provide the best preparation and get the best understanding of the industry needs, we collaborate with companies to set up real-life and meaningful challenges. Our students work on these open-end challenges and do their internships with and at our partners in business, as a part of the Associate Degree and Master program.

Business Innovation

The work field, both profit and non-profit, and society are facing increasingly complex challenges, also known as "wicked problems." To be able to tackle these wicked problems, it is important that companies and organisations continue to innovate. The business innovation process is about end-to-end processes from idea to product and creating new value propositions from product to market.

What Business Innovation means to us

Having Social Impact. We think it's important to look at what potentially impactful solutions look like. And whether they have the desired impact on the carefully chosen target group. Therefore, we should not only look at the solution, but also at the whole ecosystem where the solution will be implemented. This automatically leads us to look at the business side of the solution as well. In our programs, business innovation has an important position. We therefore address questions around the following themes: feasibility, affordability, scalability, sustainability, and marketability?

Why work with Fontys Pulsed?

During the collaboration, the students learn about the professional life at your company. It’s a great way of getting in touch with potential colleagues. Their fresh look will give you new insights and creative solutions on projects. The students work with a design-based learning approach. This way they often come up with results, companies haven’t thought of yet. Furthermore, the students will become familiar with you, your products and services and your way of working.

Additionally, it is a great way of contributing to education and engineers of the future. Students are much more stimulated to solve challenges for actual companies than made up school assignments. They get a better understanding of the real situation and the work field. It helps them developing new skills. It is the best preparation of their professional life, which they learn at your company. This way, you can become part of their professional grow.

Let's collaborate!

“ We were amazed by how the students come up with out-of-the-box ideas. We have three working prototypes and we are looking into implementing the tools into our service organisation. ”

Léana Perdriau
Tooling Engineer

“ It was great to see the student’s ideas. They came up with many different solutions and they thought of unique ways to solve complex problems. ”

Teun van de Sande
Head of Product Development

Our partners


Let’s collaborate!

Do you want to contribute in the education of engineering students? Are you looking for a fresh look at your products or services? You can build up a worthwhile relationship with students and be on top of their mind in their upcoming career. People, planet, and craftmanship always come first at Fontys Pulsed Academy. We love to chat with like-minded companies! Let’s start the conversation about collaboration!
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