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what design-based learning is

Pulsed’s vision of education is evidence informed based on Design Based Learning (DBL). DBL stands for design-oriented work on solutions to realistic problems, in which students systematically reflect on their learning process. During the realization of their thought of solutions, both product creation and testing play a crucial role. Involving real users and stakeholders at an early stage to collaborate on solving the problem is always a challenge, but it is key for creating actual impact. For example, designing solutions for everyday problems for/with people in wheelchairs, or enhancing the quality of life of demented elderly people for/with caregivers and patients.

what design-based learning means to us fontys pulsed

We believe that Design-Based Learning (DBL) provides an answer to the question of ‘how does one become a self-directed professional?’ In the last 30 years all kinds of didactic concepts based on the constructivist paradigm have been put into practice. Competence-Based education and forms of Problem-Based Learning are very common today. These student-centered approaches take authentic and realistic situations as the context for learning. However, these approaches have their limitations in the present time when developments are rapid and solutions not readily available.

design-based learning environment

Our learning environment here at Pulsed is set up to handle these rapid developments. At Pulsed, we delve into a much more iterative way of working. We don't have a generic step-by-step approach to addressing the issues that these rapid developments expose. In this Design-Based Learning approach, all stakeholders involved get a chance to learn by working together on these wicked challenges.

how we use design-based learning in our programs

We see Design-Based Learning as an integration of pedagogical and didactic building blocks, which is the promise we make to our students. In other words: These building blocks will be experienced by all students across all Pulsed programs. The buildings blocks of our DBL-approach are: open-ended challenges, student uniqueness: voice and choice, assessment of learning outcomes, Pulsed learning by play & game, make & test with prototypes.

Design-Based Learning puzzle pieces for Fontyspulsed

programs where we use design-based learning at fontys pulsed

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