Pulsed is driving research in the field of systems thinking through its dedicated research Special Interest Group (SIG). Led by research experts Stella Lo Giudice and Jeroen Keijzers, this dynamic program engages Pulsed teachers in the execution and transfer of the outcomes of this research. The SIG is aligned with the HTSM Centre of Expertise of Fontys School of Engineering.

Our research ambitions

SIG aims to revolutionise the development of complex technological systems by applying innovative models and methodologies. By bridging the gap between existing models and comprehensive systems thinking, this research will yield powerful ambitions resulting in:


Developing system thinking tools for the Brainport region:

frameworks, best practices, dynamic, training for professionals, and case studies for innovation.


Revolutionising education:

Our pioneering tools and case studies enrich Pulsed programs, with future student involvement anticipated.


Empowering Pulsed teachers:

We enhance their expertise in systems thinking, practical application, and research skills.


Driving scientific contributions:

Our publications advance systems engineering and visionary thinking. Together, we shape transformative possibilities.

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