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Smashing the status quo, breaking the mould, shaping a new one … just to break it again. Our fast-paced, ever-changing world demands equally evolving education. That is why Fontys Pulsed Academy puts its daring spin on it, based on better, broader, exciting design-based learning. Our curriculum is never finished, our thirst for knowledge and skills is never quenched, and our ambition is never fully achieved.

Fontys Pulsed Academy offers student-centred, talented-based teaching approaches captured in five act-provoking programs. These are primarily aimed at a challenging cocktail of technology & craftmanship, entrepreneurship & business, and design & creativity. Additionally, we offer expeditions for educators to take ownership and (re)design the education of their institute.

Design Based Learning

At Pulsed, we embrace Design-Based Learning as an innovative teaching approach that empowers students to take charge of their education. Unlike traditional methods that rely on lectures and textbooks, Design-Based Learning challenges students to tackle real-world problems through active learning, collaboration, and critical thinking. We strongly believe that this approach provides the ideal preparation for your future career, equipping you with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in a complex and evolving world.

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These are the educators of Pulsed. They work on reshaping the future. Those of your fellow students, other educators and of course, you. Are you ready to get sparked by us?

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Pulsed for Good

Pulsed for Good is a program that empowers students to make a positive impact on the environment by tackling current social dilemmas through collaborative partnerships. Students from various programs participate in these challenges, unleashing their talents and purpose to work on meaningful and impactful projects. Pulsed for Good provides an opportunity for students to realise their potential in making a real difference in the world.

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