(re)Design Expedition

When it comes to designing
education, ‘doing’ beats
‘talking about doing’.

Instead of sitting down and listening at educational conferences, we activate you to turn inspiration and ideas into concrete and hands-on plans. We believe that if you want to design a solid educational program with your team, constructive alignment is the key.

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a 3-day immersive expedition

We offer a 3-day immersive educational expeditions where teachers from across the country come together to take ownership of their (re)design process. During these days, you will be in a bubble of inspiration, break the mould and, most important, design the best education for your students. You will go home with the right focus and concrete results. Both on team and vision level as on education materials.


Our participants achieve real results both in terms of team & vision development and takeaway concrete materials that they can apply immediately.


We also create tailor-made (re)design expeditions which can be fully customised in terms of process, duration and intensity to the needs and wishes of your organisation.


For educators,  

by educators.


For educators
by educators

We are educators ourselves. We want to share our approach and experience with you. In our daily roles as teachers, team leaders, educational innovators and directors, we have gone through this process many times before. We re-designed education, failed, learned, shaped new designs and repeated this over and over again.

During EDEX, we take a step back, away from the daily struggles. You will go on a journey, existing of several programmes. You will always experience the expedition feeling and social connection, while focus on growth, development and results. We do not judge which education is good or bad. We guide you in finding and carrying out the vision on education, which fits you and your institute best.

Stop Talking,

Start Doing.


For educators
by educators

From a positive perspective, we want to be of meaning to you and Dutch education. We believe that it starts with moving from talking about education, to actually doing and becoming in charge of our education. Together with the students, teachers and educational leaders, we can change and re-shape education in our fast-paced and ever-changing world. Let’s get down to business.

About EDEX

EDEX is organised several times per year by experts on re-shaping educational design. Our educators have daily hands-on experience and know what it is like to take these decisions and how it affects education.

Professionals from all levels of education can join EDEX. All shapes and sizes of education and curriculums can be (re)-designed during the expedition. Every EDEX edition, we focus on another relevant theme to share specific knowledge and inspire you.

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Upcoming EDEXs

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