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We put a daring spin on education. Not just at Pulsed, but for all education. We are educators, on all different kind of levels. We have created learning environments and cultures. One that encourages our students and colleagues to be themselves, step out of their comfort zone and discover talents and dreams they did not know they had.

We want to share our approach and experience with you. We help you design your education and help improve your education to the level that is needed in a fundamentally changing society. Therefore, we take you on an educational expedition called EDEX. A 3-day immersion, where you will take ownership of your (re)design process.

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“A fantastic three-day bubble where you can truly dedicate time to the development of quality education, through structured methods and inspiring speakers.”


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Do you want to contribute in the education of engineering students? Are you looking for a fresh look at your products or services? You can build up a worthwhile relationship with students and be on top of their mind in their upcoming career. People, planet, and craftmanship always come first at Fontys Pulsed Academy. We love to chat with like-minded companies! Let’s start the conversation about collaboration!
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