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 Human Centred Engineering

Become the human-driven

creator of tomorrow.

Human-centred engineering
is all about making humankind
the core of the solution.

As a secondary school graduate, choosing the next step in your education may feel like a scary leap. Nothing to worry about: Pulsed Empower is here to support you. This inspiring, challenging program enables secondary school graduates to uncover their uniqueness and put it to satisfying use. Empower focuses on your wants, needs and abilities and helps you find the direction that fits you like a glove.

Empower is all about the strength of creating. The emphasis is on learning through experiencing, doing, sometimes failing, and starting all over to finally succeeding. That is why books are optional, not mandatory. Empower turns every day into an innovative field trip filled with technology, entrepreneurship, and creativity. At the same time, you stay socially connected with other students and lecturers.

Are you the practical difference?

Graduated, long summer ahead, and then what? Want to eventually put your passion for technology and innovation to professional use? But is the thought of another four years of old-fashioned studying less than appealing? Aren’t you in luck! With the Fontys Pulsed Associate degree engineering course, it will only take 2 years to become an in-demand all-round engineer. Dare to take on the practical challenge and leap to your future?

Uhm, what makes an engineer an engineer?

Being an engineer is nothing less than being the essential link between the technology and the user. As awesome as an innovation may sound, it’s useless when it’s not working or needed. Your job is to help design and build technical solutions that truly make a difference. That makes our world more sustainable, our lives easier, and people happier.

You lend a helping hand to all kinds of businesses: high-tech companies, hospitals, multinationals, or start-ups. As a technical designer, project manager, or as your own boss, with your smashing innovation.

Looks like your future plan?

But how do you get from here to there? Through Fontys Pulsed! From day one, it’s straight to real-world practice. And real-world networking. That’s because the course is built around sizeable challenges to complete with and at organisations within the high-tech Brainport region.

You meet these exciting challenges as a team or a pair, and sometimes you tackle them alone. Along the way, you learn all about various industries, users, and technical disciplines. One challenge you are designing a technical solution to optimise healthcare: the next challenge you’re creating your own product. From business idea to prototype to end result. Are you setting up your own business during your final challenge, or will you make yourself indispensable to your dream company? It’s all up to you.

Sounds great … and tough?

No stress! We mix these challenging hands-on weeks with calmer slow, cooking weeks. Together, we’ll work on your personal and professional growth during these weeks. Fontys Pulsed is all about discovering, developing, and applying your unique talents. Once you graduate from Pulsed, technical and non-technical companies are lining up for you. Now that’s a relaxing thought at the start of your holiday!

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