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A lecture at Fontys Pulsed by Marketeffect

what business innovation is

The work field, both profit and non-profit, and society are facing increasingly complex challenges, also known as "wicked problems." To be able to tackle these wicked problems, it is important that companies and organizations continue to innovate. The business innovation process is about end-to-end processes from idea to product, and about creating new value propositions from product to market.

what business innovation means to us at fontys pulsed

Having Social Impact. We think it's important to look at what potentially impactful solutions look like. And whether they have the desired impact on the carefully chosen target group. Therefore, we should not only look at the solution, but also at the whole ecosystem where the solution will be implemented. This automatically leads us to look at the business side of the solution as well. We therefore address questions around the following themes: feasibility, affordability, scalability, sustainability, and marketability?

how we use business innovation at fontys pulsed

In our Embrace TEC program, business innovation has an important position in both the business & entrepreneurship track and the company adventure track. Students choose one of the these tracks offered during the minor.

Business innovation will also have an important position in the systems engineering learning line in our new master's program Digital Technology Engineering. This master's program will start in February 2022 and has been developed in collaboration with companies such as Philips, TMC and ASML to name a few.

In all of these curricula, there are components aimed at engaging students in the use of business innovation tools and entrepreneurial skills. The goal is to create an impactful solution that potentially impacts eco-systems rather than one target group.

programs where we use business innovation at fontys pulsed

Find the programs below in which we use Business Innovation to educate students.