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Innovation Kitchen is a place where industry experts, Pulsed professionals and students

come together to exchange, connect, and collaborate.

Research is at the heart of the Innovation Kitchen.​

On the menu

research & innovation

In the world we live in, the need to reinvent is an existential necessity.

Truth be told, there’s hardly a company that is immune to new disruptive technologies like ‘automation and artificial intelligence’. The future belongs to organisations who can constantly innovate and repeatedly bring new products and services to the market.

where to start

Throw us a wicked challenge that you’re currently facing.

  • Our team of in-house researchers and students will join forces with your team to initiate practice-based research and create concrete deliverables that can be tested in real time for impact and iterated before moving to next sprint.

  • We strongly believe in co-creation and understand that radically innovative solutions come from combining technological possibilities with human-centred design, low-fi prototyping and constantly iterating your way forward.


When it comes to designing education, doing beats talking about doing.

There are way too many educational conferences out there, where you can sit in a ‘listening position’, have all sorts of wisdom poured at you and then go home with perhaps some inspiration. We believe that if you want to design a solid educational program with your team, #ConstructiveAlignment is the key.

how we do it

We offer 3-day immersive educational expeditions where teachers from across the country come together to take ownership of their (re)design process.

  • Our participants achieve real results both in terms of team & vision development and takeaway concrete materials that they can apply immediately.

  • We also create tailor-made (re)design expeditions which can be fully customised in terms of process, duration and intensity to the needs and wishes of your organisation.

Explore our EDEX experience here.

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Do you have a challenge that we could design as a student project? Are you interested in hearing more about Innovation Kitchen and the value we offer to companies through networking and industry-applied research?

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