Empower documentary

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For the last challenge of the program I made a documentary about my Empower experience.

Empower documentary

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For the last challenge of my empower process I wanted to make somethingto remember and something that I could look back to in de future. I alwaysliked to make little movies and love talking to people so I wanted to combinethe two in a documentary. I asked different people who were close to me duringthe empower program to tell something about the changes they saw and what mybiggest learning curve was.

For me the biggest learnings where that I got a lot more confident in mysocial skills and talking to and for people. Besides this I also learned that Ilove to make things and love to make other people happy with what is made.That’s how I ended up at my upcoming study ArtCoDe.

For me the project was a great way to look back at my amazing experienceat pulsed and to look forward into what I’m going to do in de coming years.Besides this it was great to get so many nice words from the people at met atpulsed.


Valentijn Vroom