chilling in the woods

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Explore the Woods. Come inside. Turn on the record player. Take a seat. Chill.

chilling in the woods

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When I think about my ideal treehouse, I imagine a cosy place where you can escape from your everyday life. You get there with some friends, or even on your own, play some music and forget about work. To understand better how this treehouse ended up looking as it does, important it is that I explain to you more about the creation process.

First things first, the assignment. It was ‘simple’: build a treehouse that, in a way, represents you. I really like making creative handcrafts, which means the project fit me like a glove. Before starting to build, we needed to collect our materials. I picked everything I was able to find on the street, you never know what you are going to use!

Even though the starting point was sketching, the house didn’t end up looking as I first imagined. It is part of the creative process, you get inspired by other people’s ideas, you change your mind and even how you feel about it, and then, you have another solution, different to what you expected, but, to my opinion, that represents you more than the first idea you had.

The first thing I built was the skeleton of the house. I used two cans and two wood sticks and started making something out of nowhere. I glued some flowers to the back because I love plants and I think they make it look nicer. Kept on building the whole morning, surrounded by many different people, helping one another and cheering us up. Any inconvenient we had, we could rely on each other and learn how to redirect our ideas.

The details are the ones that define me the most. I decided to place a speaker and a vinyl-player because I am a curious person who loves listening to music of any genre and language. Regarding the carpet and the pillows, you should know that I especially like seating on the floor, it is weird I know, but I feel comfortable just laying anywhere. Of course, this house needed a bit of light: natural, provided by the thin roof and the side without wall and artificial, given by some little lightbulbs hanging from corner to corner. About the colour palette, I felt that using a nude one would make the place look warmer. And last but not least, we have the neon-light flamingo making it to look like a real chill-out cottage.


Ainhoa Ruiz Delgado