Ijsbrand Geutjes


Study: Mechatronics Home country: The Netherlands

Ijsbrand Geutjes

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Frankly, this minor was not my first choice. The minor came my way due to a study delay but I don't regret taking this minor for a second.

How would you describe your experience of the Minor?

The biggest plus for me was that EmbraceTEC gave me space for working on my passion and developing my identity. That is not conventional of a minor course. In addition, I learnt how I can develop products based on Design Based Working and hone my passion for 3D printing.

Any special anecdote or future advice that should would like to share.

One special bit was that I got the chance to be part of a Biohacking event and got an ‘NFC chip’ installed in my hand. It’s a 12mm rice-grain under my skin and I can use it to open lockers at school or even pay at a groceries. I have been working on applying technological gadgets to my life for some time and this was a logical next step for me.

I was asked by ‘Omroep Brabant’ if they can film me about the chip in my hand; and I didn’t mind it. What I didn’t know though, was that it would go viral and for that entire week my phone rang off the hook and I gave four radio interviews. I was on the NOS Instagram and Facebook page; if you go to NOS.nl and type in my name you can still find it! It was indeed a very special moment.

Watch Ijsbrand’s Biohacking experience here:

Omproep Brabant

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