LED Infinity Cube

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Going from my Spark to an actual product that’s seen by others.

LED Infinity Cube

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I go to a lot of music festivals/shows and the thing that can really elevate that experience for me is an epic light show.

Presented with the possibility to make anything I wanted during challenge 1 of the Empower-TEC program I knew it had to be about light. I remembered a YouTube video I watched years ago of someone that built an infinity cube with LED’s and I started searching the internet for tutorials on how to make one. I stumbled on a guide with 3D models attached and got to work.

I quickly found out that soldering the LED strips was going to be a massive pain in the ass. I couldn’t solder when they were in the frame because that would’ve melted the 3D printed frame. I wish I had pictures of the janky way I soldered with everything sorta hanging in the frame with the strips I was soldering taped to a wooden board. (un)Fortunately these don’t exist otherwise I wouldn’t be allowed to make a bigger version. Another fun part was applying the one-way mirror foil to the acrylic plates without air bubbles. It took every drop of patience not to give up because every single time there’d be air bubbles. I didn’t let any of this stop me and powered through the frustration. I’m really proud of the end result.

All the compliments from people seeing me work on it, gave me the confidence to ask if I could make a bigger version for the events of Klub Pulsed. I would love for something I made to bring joy to others. People seemed to really like this idea, so that’s the next step in my story.  

It’s already proving to be a much bigger challenge than just making every part bigger, but I’m confident that with the help of my fellow Pulsers I can pull this off.


Noury Schroten