janne van hees during dutch design week

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Creating a cleaner environment and a closer community through app design and social psychology.

janne van hees during dutch design week

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Read Janne van Hees' story about her project that she has done during Dutch Design Week 2021, in Eindhoven. The project is in collaboration with Packadoor and is currently being displayed at YKSI expo until the 23rd of October, be quick!

community building for a cleaner environment.

Litter is a major problem in the world, including the Netherlands. On average, there is a lot of litter in the centres of Dutch towns and villages. This is a problem that I, as a resident of a centre, often encounter. Municipalities invest a lot of money in keeping their centres clean, while the inhabitants of the centre are often not interested in the problem. This is a problem that often irritates me.

With my concept I want to activate, motivate and above all inspire the neighbourhood to keep their own surroundings clean. By means of an app, they will get motivated and receive rewards for their (good) behaviour, all the while creating a closer and more responsible community.  

Over the course of my project, I learned many things. For example, about social psychology and how behavioural change works through communication. But also, about working with the professional field and networking. I got to know myself better and I know now that I can create professional and creative concepts in a short, somewhat stressful timeframe.  

My concept is a translation of my vision: I believe that we can make the world more beautiful and sustainable if we join forces and work together. This starts with small steps and in your own environment. Phone call your neighbour, take the broom out of the greenhouse, and get to work!


Janne van Hees