finding my spark by using sparkles!

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Why not do something creative, and add some sparkle to your day while you’re at it as well?

finding my spark by using sparkles!

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I was motivated by my drive to figure out the ‘spark’ element within the challenge. The program Empower gave me the opportunity of being creative again. I was doing home arts and crafts (due to the lockdown) and I enjoyed the challenge a lot, even though finding the materials was challenging since I could only use stuff from home.

At first I found it incredibly difficult to choose and limit myself to one thing. I was being my own biggest obstacle because of that, by not choosing a theme (the spark).

Eventually I was inspired by Disney’s/Pixar’s latest film, Soul, as it coincidentally also is about finding a spark. It was as though it was meant to be! The movie discusses the realisation that a spark and a purpose are not always one and the same, which was quite a comforting thing to see/hear at that moment.

The movie Soul, give it a try!

I then started creating and wished to create something that other people would enjoy and would maybe spark them to create something in turn and start a chain reaction of creating, sharing and sparking each other!

I hope that even though if you haven’t done something creative in a long time that showing something that’s simple to create, perhaps at home, and is still beautiful that it might inspire someone else to give it go too, just because you can! 

Of course it’s not all beautiful, sometimes things can go wrong. To give it more context: things started to fall apart for me when the printer I was using suddenly stopped working and my project seemed to be impossible to complete. I then quickly swapped ideas and kept going which resulted in a beautiful outcome with which I am very happy with. And that also became my biggest learning moment during the challenge: get started and keep going, create! 


Emma-Louise Duffy