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Turning my #6wordchallenge into a social campaign


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Hello there!

My name is Julia, I'm a 23 year old applied Psychology student from The Netherlands. At the moment, I’m almost finished with my minor - Embrace TEC at Fontys Pulsed in Eindhoven. Despite Covid-19, I have had the best creative experiences and bonding time with my fellow students at this minor. Here they create super interesting challenges to make us crack our brains. I had the chance to take part in a very interesting creative challenge that is really close to my heart.


To think and design our personal statement/manifesto in a short 6 words sentence that would carry our own individual unique message. For example: "For sale, baby shoes, never worn". This powerful sentence loaded with meaning makes one quickly understand the context.

I didn't feel the need to address anything personal about my own life because I couldn’t see how that would be of any benefit. Instead, I wished to raise awareness on an urgent issue close to my heart, i.e., about our Uyghur brothers and sisters that are locked away from the world by Chinese authorities only because they stand by their beliefs. I feel together, as humanity, we need to take action against this atrocity but how can we do that if people here aren’t aware of what is going on in China.

So, I used my voice as a Muslim to turn this challenge into something bigger than myself. To inform people and make them aware about this inhumane atrocity. I wrote:

"Open eyes, Blind eye; Uyghur genocide"

[Explanation - The world is watching and is aware of this genocide (Open eyes), but chooses to close their eyes and ignore what is happening (Blind eye) with the Uyghur Muslim Community in China (Uyghur genocide).] 

My Social Campaign:


As a young Muslim entrepreneur, I felt the need to support my brothers & sisters in China. So I started a 30 day campaign where you can order a T-shirt with these 6 words sentence printed on it. It's an original design which I crafted myself making the typeface with newspaper cuttings representing the media that doesn't look enough into this grave issue.

Practical Information:

  • the profit from this campaign will go 100% to our Uyghur muslim brothers & sisters
  • Please pre-order your unique t-shirt during our 30 days campaign. Once the campaign ends and all orders come in, the T-shirts will be produced in the exact amount by the company Everpress and shipped to your doorstep. By using this method through Everpress, we ensure that that no extra material and energy is wasted.
  • You can preorder your T-shirt here: or by clicking on the 6 word sentence. Remember, your money will be spent for a good cause and you will become part of initiating the change!

At my business page @studio_nour on Instagram you can see all the different colours available. If you are interested in a hoodie or a crewneck sweater, we can also make that happen! Just DM me and I will set it up.

Please take a look and share this campaign on your social media accounts with family and friends! Let's get louder all together for this oppressed minority!!


Julia Poulussen