embrace the process

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Video capture of my personal process during the #stayhome challenge.

embrace the process

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Recording a process is not as easy as it may seem at first. Yes, making a series of videos about the things you are working on is not that difficult. But, it can be difficult to visually capture your emotions and learning moments on camera. You soon run into the problem of transforming these feelings into something concrete. At least, that is how I have experienced this before.

It got me thinking - The great ideas were not exactly pouring in yet - And boom, while I am sending a GIF in a group chat, it all comes together.

Many of us use GIFs and emojis in our conversations to add a little fun, but also to literally show our reactions to someone on the other side of the screen. Why not use the power of those GIFs for my video as well? Of course, my own footage of the process could not be left out. After all, your own input makes it something YOU.

I discovered the things that are available to us day in and day out offer much more than the reason they were originally created for.

Trust me when I say that ‘letting go’ and ‘not knowing how it all turns out’ is a real challenge for me. This hardly ever happens. As it turns out, scouring the internet for the perfect GIFs is quite enjoyable :). Exactly for this reason the making of the video did not feel like it was mandatory or a as a must at all. It actually gave me the space to let go and experiment to see what would happen.

Moral of the story: just try.

Did it turn out amazing?

>> Use it to your advantage.

Did it not turn out that awesome?

>> look at the pieces that could have potential because there is something useful within everything that you do.


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