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Nick Fuhren with a camera taking a picture of himself.

Nick Fuhren

Study: Communication & Design Home country: The Netherlands




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Nick Fuhren

Nick Fuhren

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I got the opportunity and confidence to dig into the things I always wanted to but never got a chance to do in my major.

What made you choose this minor?

Initially, I chose this minor for technology & creativity and not so much for the entrepreneurship, because I really didn’t know what it was. I started to enjoy learning about Entrepreneurship during the minor and it helped to lay the foundation for my own venture.

Can you share the experience of your future solution?

The future solution started with my grandmother. She has dementia. For me it was very personal; I had a hard time in connecting with her. She didn’t respond to me. I could talk to her, but she didn’t talk back. And, this inspired me to do something to get a little closer to her. As I spent more time with my grandmother, I noticed she was happy if she relived, in some way, her memories. She connected best with smells and it brought back memories of when she was young. So, I decided to do something with the senses. My future solution became a box where people with Alzheimer's could smell nostalgic fragrance like coffee beans, fresh linen, etc. Once they recognise the smell, they connect it to an image of the memory, like an old coffee cup. It really gives them joy when they receive something they’re familiar with.

How did the minor help you further?

I had a lot of learning goals. But every time I use to plan something, I didn’t set any deadlines and it use to end up taking more time than I expected. The most valuable takeaway for me from the minor was the advice I got from my coach, Erik. He told me, if I scheduled my plans, I could learn a lot more and reach my goals faster.

Any future advice that you would like to share.

I like the way they work here at Pulsed. At my school, most of the courses were between strict lines. In this minor, I got the opportunity and confidence to dig into things I always wanted to but never got a chance to do in my major. So, if you want to explore your fascinations and do whatever it is that you really want to do, then you should choose this minor and the coaches will help you reach your goals.


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