Rik Vogel


Study: Sports Sciences Home country: The Netherlands

Rik Vogel

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I realized, even as a sports student, I can add value to the challenges of other fields and gained confidence to accomplish the things I want to do.

What made you choose for this minor?

At our minor market, I got to speak to one of the teachers of the minor. He explained to me about the structure of the minor, who you can be and what you can do when you sign-up for this minor. I had been studying Sport Sciences for two years and I wanted to broaden my vision beyond the context of sports. The learning approach focused on the use of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Creativity convinced me in two minutes.

Can you share the experience of your future solution?

At first, I had no idea at all. So, I did a brainstorming session at home, using post-its. First, I wrote down all the global challenges we face right now and then all the words related to each of the global challenges. I decided to choose words that were the most inspiring for me and in the end, I was left with two words: movement and education. Eventually, I connected them and defined how I could get them into a future solution, i.e., bringing more movement into education.

Can you explain the learning activity of your future solution?

My future solution is a tool for teachers to help kids learn. My tool is focused on geography but it can used for subjects like math or language as well. The children have to place small blocks with names of European countries and capital cities, running from one side to the other side of the classroom (or gym), on the blank spot on the map that is placed on the ground. The kids are divided into two groups, so there is a spirit of competition. Also, the group has to collaborate and communicate, so each of them develops a specific role during the learning game. The most important thing is that they learn while moving. Their blood flows and oxygen level increase and that has an impact on their brain activity. Learning feels more natural to them and they learn better.

Any future advice that you would like to share.

In this minor, you really get to know yourself a little bit better. The teachers ask you questions about yourself that were never asked before and help in harnessing your talent. I learned about my hidden talents, and more importantly, learned how to use my talents in an effective way. Also, a really nice aspect of this minor is that you are challenged to come up with solutions for different fields than your own major. I realized, even as a sports student, I can add value to challenges of other fields and gained confidence to accomplish things I do and want to do.