rebutts: stopping the slow poison

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When our business stops existing, we will have achieved our goal. It’s true! We will be happier if our business cannot function any longer. We are looking forward to a cleaner and more responsible future !

rebutts: stopping the slow poison

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Two girls, on a mission to recycle cigarette butts. Our idea is to collect and recycle cigarette butts. Millions upon millions of cigarettes and their dirty, chemical & toxic filters are dumped unto our streets, parks, rivers, seas, and oceans. All the while leeching toxins and leaving trails of pollution (and nicotine addicted pigeons) in their wake.

Our mission is to find a way to give cigarette butts a chance of a second life, a better one, whereby they will be removed from our environment. This mission came forth from an idea that actually came while smoking ourselves 😅 . When we were smoking, we started wondering where all of this mess was going. After some research we quickly realised this industry creates so incredibly much garbage. So much garbage and so much pollution that we haven’t been aware of before, with nobody seemingly taking responsibility for it. This idea was sparked from our passion for sustainability and now we want to take responsibility for our own actions and the damage we have caused to the environment with our own habits. And by doing so, inspire as many people as possible to take their responsibility as well. Together we will be able to create a better future!

Now all it takes is to begin ... which isn’t all that easy. We had the idea, the mission and the passion, but there was something missing, it was not enough. All of these ideas, but no idea on where to start. We both study International Business and we have no knowledge of Science, Applied Science, Materials, Environment, Sustainability and the list goes on.

Then the big search started. We wanted to find someone who would know where we should start and would have time to help us out. Someone with understanding of the materials used in the making of cigarettes, with understanding of chemicals as well as how to clean-up something like this. It took a lot of time, but eventually we found the right person, someone at the Polymeer lab at Fontys campus. Someone over there made it possible for us to do supervised experiments and tests in their lab to see if our mission was a realistic one.

So far, we don’t have an answer yet, but we will continue working on our mission. Stay tuned for more information!


Lyuboslava Grandzhan (Lucy)