giving the elderly back their social contacts

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For challenge 4, I had to come up with a solution for elderly people with mobility problems.

giving the elderly back their social contacts

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For challenge 4, I had to come up with a solution for elderly people with mobility problems.

The first thing that came to mind when I was given this problem was what exactly was meant by mobility problems? You can interpret this in several ways. Obviously, mobility problems can be physical. But now during the corona crisis, many elderly people also experience mobility problems because they cannot go outside. This could have negative consequences for their health.

I quickly made the choice to focus on the mobility problems that affect all elderly people and not just the mobility problems with a physical cause. Because an innovative walking stick or rollator was not an option, I started looking for the consequences that this limitation in mobility entails.

After not too long a search, a clear picture emerged: elderly people with mobility problems often feel lonely and are less happy.

Now that I had found a problem, I could start working on a solution. I started thinking about what the elderly would do one day if they stay indoors. I also looked at what I used to enjoy doing with my own grandfathers and grandmothers. Outcome? Games.

Now I had to figure out a way to bring these games, including their opponents, home to the elderly in society. During the corona crisis, people cannot visit each other. Strange as it may sound, the solution came from a quirky corner for the elderly.

I came up with an app called "Game". I have tried to make this app as user-friendly as possible. This so that the elderly could handle it well. Without unnecessary avatars or achievements, just simply click and play.

Furthermore, the app contains a game function and a video calling function. For example, I want to bring the board game feeling you have when you physically play at the table via the smartphone or tablet to the elderly at home. During the corona crisis, but also at other times, this should provide a sense of social interaction and thus reduce loneliness and increase the feeling of happiness.


Remco Ververgaard