get yourself on my tree house

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What would you think of being asked to design and create your ideal tree house? Back when you were 5yo, full of Pokémon cards and marbles rolling fucking everywhere.

get yourself on my tree house

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I have been asked to participate in a project. A tree house project. That's cool. Let's get into it.

What would you think of being asked to design and create your ideal tree house? Back when you were 5yo, full of Pokémon cards and marbles rolling fucking everywhere. Remember that time? Alright. You're now given the wisdom and the brain of a 25yo guy. What would you achieve? Let's dive right into it.

I've been soul searching for quite a while. Back in my early 20s, I was depressed and felt like shit. Diving into profound darkness. That's nothing to deal with my tree house, you may say, but you'll see. Patience dude.

To cure this depression, I managed to dive into my childhood. Remembering what the fuck was I doing? What my passions were? You know? Alright.

I remember this little boy, full of life, but also full of shit. I played with robots. I mean, I assembled tons of cardboards together to make something looking like a robot. At the time, it looked amazing. But I imagine in reality it was just a ton of crap being duct taped together, sitting in the corner of my room. Anyway.

Growing older, I got way more interested into nature. Understanding why are certain plants growing here? Why this little seed decided to thrive there? Nature got immersed into me. And I immersed myself into nature. Cool.

I quit my engineering studies and started volunteering into farms while traveling. I bought books about plants, woke up 5am to start a new day of collecting plant data.

I progressively went from technology to nature. I mean, not progressively. All-fucking-in.

Years later, here am I. Asked to build a tree house. The two visions of the 5yo little Clément and 25yo kind-of-grown-up Clément are cooperating. And here it goes.

To me, nature doesn't like straight lines. Therefore, my tree house can't be squared. It has to be full of life: windy, watery shaped. Hence this tornado like shelter. This shelter, as you can see, doesn't have any walls. And it is hanging from the tree itself. That's because in my ideal tree house, nature is everywhere. And you are everywhere in nature, ma man. So there can't be any limitation of me being in nature. Also don't forget that as a lovely Homo sapiens, you're nature. Behave accordingly. Alright.

The shelter itself isn't touching the ground. At all. Why? Because there's so much to explore, so much to behold. Only high there can you catch a better glimpse of the clouds and birds passing by. Poetic shit.

Nonetheless, technology is here. Everywhere. And things that don't belong to this natural world are meticulously placed on the ground. See the carpets? The plugged-into-the-tree computer? I love the idea of placing things exactly at a spot they don't belong. Because why not? In my dreams, computers can perfectly function sitting in fucking the grass, wired to a fucking tree. And the tree just chats with you, hacks your Tiktok account. Ok?

Well, as a finisher, the two Cléments managed to add a little touch of nature around the house. I mean, it’s supposed to be a tree house, right?

As the Japanese Minge style dictates, you shall not do too much. Just a little dash of leaves here, a dash of vines there. Hence the glued leaves and vines around. And here you go. That's lovely.

For my last word, madame monsieur, I invite you to dive deep into yourself. Invite your 5yo guy for an intensive cooperation. And make that tree house happen.

For it's going to be a great journey.


Clément Carta