have faith and strive forward

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have faith and strive forward

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One of the projects in the minor program Embrace is called The Six Word challenge, the idea of the challenge is to first find and then convert your own core values into a message of six words. I have chosen the six words: “Faith Plus Strive Equals Your Goal”. I have chosen these words because I believe that in order for someone to reach a goal, you must first believe that you can achieve it and secondly, you must at least try to reach it. 

Faith for me does not only mean believing that you can do something, but also putting faith in God, everyday that goes by I try to put my faith in him because he is the one that guides me and provides everything that I would need. And that is the impact that I wish to make with this message is, if you combine faith and strive for your goals you have all of the ingredients that you need to reach them and face all of the challenges along the way!

This challenge has pushed me outside my comfort zone in many ways, I learned that I can be creative, and that it is okay to fail. At the beginning of the project, I realised that I shouldn't be afraid of what others might think of the result of this project or the way I think and express myself, so that gave me the confidence to brainstorm a wide range of crazy ideas that I normally would not think of or would, but then would throw away. With that being said, I am extremely proud of the wearable I have made. While wearing my core values on the armor and shield  I couldn't help myself from feeling like a warrior that is ready to face any challenge!

Follow the process I went through below:

Cutting out the words with a lasercutter and cardboard by hand.

Found an old shirt and a piece of red cloth, I then wrapped the cardboard in the red cloth and started glueing everything together.

I wanted to put the most important word on also on the shield I was combining with the outfit.

The end result!


Justice Dreischor