Judi Farho


Study: Communication Home country: Syria

Judi Farho

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I needed a place where you could work with your hands and try new things with future technologies. At Embrace TEC, I found the perfect combination of creativity, technology and entrepreneurship.

How would you describe your experience of the Minor?

It was interesting and unique. Given a chance, I would love to do it again in a heartbeat. In the beginning, the idea of Self-Directed Learning seemed a bit too scary for me but it turned out to be a big learning opportunity. I had so much fun and learned many new things, especially, about myself during sessions on personal identity. I truly appreciated that the coaches were always around and worked in the same place. We could just speak to them and ask for advice whenever we needed it.

Any special anecdote or future advice that you would like to share?

The Shitty robot was my favourite challenge. It was great to work from the toddlers’ perspective. It was a liberating feeling because no one was judging our design, instead the focus was on creating something that would make the young ones happy. Even though we had a tight deadline, the whole process of working in a multidisciplinary team made it really fun and I had so much to learn from it. The unique thing about the challenge is, that it doesn’t teach you how to make a fantastic robot, but instead how to reach your defined goals. I enjoyed every moment of this challenge.